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Sukey Textiles is a project by artist Sophie Giller, named after her cat, that aims to create one-off textile pieces for the home, made from seconds, remnants, and repurposed textiles, like clothes, tablecloths, and linen sheets. Each piece puts together scraps of beautiful fabrics, that have their individual histories, and reassembles them to become experimental textile art pieces for the home. Everything is unique and hand-made by the artist using a range of craft processes, including: hand-weaving, sewing, hand-dyeing fabrics, and quilting.

Giller is currently in her second year of Sculpture MA at The Royal College of Art, London, studying remotely from Norfolk. She has exhibited her work in galleries such as ICA London, Standpoint Gallery, Primary, Enclave Lab & White Crypt. You can see her sculptural work here.

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